2019 Descartes Fleet Management Benchmark Survey Findings

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The role of the fleet continues to evolve as market conditions and technology change at exponential rates. To stay competitive in today’s dynamic market, fleet professionals are challenged to demonstrate how the fleet creates value for the organization.  

Some companies have made great strides by leveraging their fleet to change competitive positioning, grow revenue and positively impact the bottom line. However, others still struggle to make a difference for the organization. Is there a blueprint for more effective fleet management?  

To answer that question, we launched our Fleet Management Benchmark Study last year to learn what top performers were doing differently to maximize their fleet’s strategic value. Our 2019 survey explores what factors drive today’s market and offers the latest insights on successful fleet management strategies, tactics and technology, including:  

Key Trends & Practices  

  • Operational Challenges  
  • Competitive Outlook  
  • How Fleet Value is Measured  

Strategies & Tactics  

  • Preparing for Change  
  • Improving Fleet Value  
  • Sharing Fleet Information  

Technology Implications  

  • Technology Adoption Strategy  
  • Investment Obstacles  
  • IT Spend Outlook  
  • Most Effective Management Capabilities  
  • Future Fleet Investment  

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