Telematics-Driven Transformation

Are you maximizing the value of your ELD technology? Today’s industry leaders aren’t just complying with government mandates, they are thriving with actionable data & improved performance powered by telematics.

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Part 1: Best Practices for ELD Mandates

  • The US Mandate is already in force
  • The Canadian Mandate is imminent
  • Similarities and differences between Canadian & US rules
  • Best practices for compliance and beyond

Part 2: Use Cases for Driving Value from ELDs

  • Access benefits in fuel economy, safety, security, maintenance & customer experience
  • Utilize advanced capabilities with data generated by ELDs
  • Investment in analytics can provide substantial performance impacts

Part 3: Selecting the Right Solution

  • Identifying platform requirements
  • ELD device and driver app capabilities
  • Sorting value-added applications and services
  • Solution provider characteristics

“ELDs are not just for Hours of Service - you can lower fuel costs by as much as 37% per driver by discovering easy to improve behaviors like hard acceleration, speeding and excessive idling.” 

Through integrated telematics technology, Descartes offers the industry’s most comprehensive fleet management solution.

Optimized Driver Performance & Routing 

Real-Time Mobile Connectivity 

Appointment Planning & Proof of Delivery 

Fleet-Wide Location & Behavior Visibility 

Advanced Monitoring for Safety & Compliance 

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Expert Video: Descartes Routing, Mobile & Telematics with Andrew Roszko

Andrew Roszko, Senior Vice President, Sales, North America, Descartes Systems Group, discusses the two key trends emerging in routing, mobile & telematics, and how leading companies are using delivery to better compete and enhance customer service.

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