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A Decade in Review and Look Forward: Global Security Filings

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The 2010’s could be called the decade of the security filing. From ISF “10+2”, to ACAS, to eManifest, and more, the past 10 years have seen the rise of customs advance data requirements worldwide.  

Register to watch an on-demand web seminar featuring industry thought leader Jos Nuijten from Descartes on the status of security filings in the U.S., Canada, and around the globe.  

Jos examines where we are from a regulatory perspective, and how leading forwarders and brokers are using advanced data to digitize and better communicate with customers.

Key Focus Areas

  • U.S. Export Manifest: Moving toward a paperless trend for exports 
  • Ecommerce Section 321 Pilot: The current status and the anticipated path forward 
  • Security Filings Worldwide: A global perspective  
  • The Forwarder’s Perspective: The response to potential advance electronic manifests for forwarders 
  • Security Filings & Technology: Best practices and a holistic approach to comply with multiple international programs

About the Presenter

Jos Nuijten Vice President Network Integration Strategy Descartes Systems Group  

Jos has over 35 years of industry experience and is a thought leader in global security filings. He participates in various IATA Working Groups and, in the EU, the ICS-2 Shared Trader Interface Working Group. He helps guide Descartes Global Security Filing solution.

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