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Global Trade Intelligence: COVID-19 Action Guide

Assessing the Impact on Supply Sources and Addressing the Disruption

Get your copy of the action guide that covers three key steps to supplier sourcing success:

  • Identify: Know the global supplier market to make better sourcing decisions
  • Analyze: Choose the right supply chain path to maximize profit
  • Vet: Review trading partners to avoid fines and manage ongoing compliance

We're Here to Help

Descartes’ global trade intelligence solutions and services enable organizations to make better supply sourcing decisions. Our technology can help to improve bottom line performance and help businesses avoid government-imposed penalties and brand damage.

With Descartes’ solutions it’s easy to:

  • Find potential alternative sources of supply worldwide
  • Determine the landed cost of new sourcing options
  • Instantly screen supplier candidates against sanctioned, denied, and restricted party lists

Learn how Descartes can help you find alternative sources of supply. Our team is standing by to help you understand how global trade intelligence solutions can help your organization assess your sourcing options now.

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