Improving Workforce Performance & Productivity: 

Mobile Proof of Delivery

As the delivery market expands and becomes more competitive, distribution companies are looking for cost-effective ways to improve processes and meet changing customer expectations.

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Mobile workforce software solutions are a cost effective way to streamline supply chain and logistics processes. By automating operational workflows with proof of delivery (POD), operations can improve service quality, increase productivity and ensure customer service level compliance.

One leading food service distributor eliminated millions of dollars in annual operational expenditures after implementing Descartes’ advanced mobile solution incorporating. Here’s how:

Reduce Invoice Credits 

Increase Order-to-Cash Cycle 

Reduce Inventory and Delivery Impacts 

Eliminate POD Paperwork 

Reduce Manual Data Entry 

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Edward Don Delivers More Efficiently with Descartes

U.S. distributor of food service equipment, Edward Don & Company, streamlines their delivery operations with Descartes’ cloud-based route planning and execution solutions, enhancing customer service and realizing substantial bottom line benefits.

BC Sands Propels Delivery Experience to New Heights

As a leading supplier of premium building and landscape products in a demanding Australian marketplace, BC Sands required a solution that ensured consistent, on-time, in-full delivery. The company used the same-day optimization, route planning, and proof-of-delivery (POD) to heighten the customer’s delivery experience, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs. Read More >

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