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What You'll Learn from this Report

As U.S. importers and exporters react to rapidly shifting trade policy, import and export values have been shifting. Our most expansive report and analysis to date is here with the findings covering every chapter of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule. 

Import and export statistics provide a snapshot for not only the trends and health of select industries, but the economic health of the United States, overall.  

Download the analysis with targeted trade statistics that quickly get the heart of key commodity trends in an easy to understand, visually-accented format.  

Key Focus Areas: 

  • Key commodity trends affecting every U.S. industry
  • The ongoing impact of tariffs and trade policy changes
  • The goods that have failed to produce year-over-year growth 
  • The pulse of trade by country of origin and country of destination 
  • The top imports and exports that are propping up U.S. trade values overall  

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