Insight, Analytics, and Trade Data

Practical Methods to Gain Insight from Import & Export Data

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Improving revenue with business intelligence is now the most popular objective in 2019 (Source: Forbes). Reporting, dashboards, visualization, and a “self-service” approach are a must-have for today’s leading companies. 

What does this mean at a practical level? What challenges do businesses across a range of industries face to transform large amounts of information info actionable insight? 

This on-demand podcast features Rich Rhudy, an industry thought leader on data and analytics. In 13 minutes, Rich explains in practical, easy-to-understand language how to use import and export data to highlight risk, pinpoint opportunities, and gain an edge over the competition.  

Highlights include:

  • The top five milestones to become a data-driven business to realize meaningful growth 
  • What has changed recently in business intelligence 
  • The top trends in business data and analytics 
  • Misconceptions about information and metrics-driven insight 
  • The primary challenges and pitfalls in effective information-driven intelligence 
  • Why import and export data are critical for a broad range of companies 
  • How to use technology to rapidly pinpoint opportunity and risk  

About the Presenter

Rich Rhudy, Descartes Systems Group  

Rich is an industry thought leader on how to maximize the potential of data and drive decision-making through information. He joined Descartes following the 2016 acquisition of Datamyne and brings over 15 years of experience to the organization.