Tariff Engineering

Learn how importers and manufacturers are reducing duty spend and driving up revenue!

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What is Tariff Engineering? It is the restructuring of a product or supply chain in order to reclarify a product to mitigate duty spend.  

Newly evolving trade policy and tariff instability are causing headaches among supply chain managers. Listen to our discussion with thought-leader Joely Callaway as we dive into one of the more creative approaches to reducing the tariffs importers pay on their goods.  

Key Focus Areas

  • Tariff Engineering: What is it and how companies can get started 
  • Case Examples: What the competition is doing 
  • Avoiding Penalties and Fines: What separates tariff engineering from tariff avoidance? 
  • Methodology and Solutions: Techniques to leverage technology 

About the Presenter

Joely Callaway, Vice President and Industry Expert on Global Trade & Compliance, Descartes Systems Group  

Joely is responsible for driving product vision and delivering trade data and services to an expanding userbase worldwide. Joely helps bring together customer requirements with development and collaborates with a wide range of teams to help Descartes solidify our position as the market leader in global trade content.