Add Revenue, Improve Insight & Reduce Costs: Getting More from Purchase-to-Pay

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What You'll Learn from this eBook

Every organization must purchase products or services and remit payment. However, is there something more that can be done with the valuable information locked within the P2P process? We think so!  

This interactive eBook is filled with infographics and statistics that details how to build upon the critical flow of P2P data to do more. 

Geared toward procurement and purchasing, logistics and supply chain departments, as well as international logistics operations, topics include: 

  • How much could ineffective P2P processes cost your business 
  • Maximizing digital connectivity to suppliers 
  • How to better collaborate across trading partners  
  • Streamlining analysis of supply chain performance 
  • Case studies – Those businesses that built upon the P2P information flow and got it right 
  • How to use technology to reduce costs and add insight

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