The Ultimate Guide to Pick, Pick & Ship Like A Top Player in Ecommerce

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Today’s ecommerce consumers expect insight, visibility, and communication. Meeting these expectations can only be achieved through excellence in the warehouse and shipping best practices. 

It can be challenging to know where to focus productivity improvements and determine where optimization efforts will pay off. This interactive guide has the answers. 

Download a business white paper, Top 10 Ways to Pick, Pack & Ship Like A Top Player in Ecommerce. This easy-to-understand overview covers the hidden secrets that every online retailer and warehouse operator needs to run world-class operations!

Key Focus Areas: 

  • Key Statistics: Important metrics on ecommerce consumer behavior and warehouse labor 
  • Chaotic storage: What it is and how it can help you save money  
  • Cutting through the “noise”: Going beyond buzzwords to practices that can truly make a difference in warehouse operations 
  • Practical techniques: The benefits of switching from single to multi-order picking 
  • Challenges: How to overcome the complexities of multichannel selling 
  • Barcoding best practices: Techniques to leverage barcode scans to do more than just move inventory 
  • Technology overview: What online retailers and warehouse operators should look for in the right solution

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