AIR CARGO ADVANCED SCREENING (ACAS) The Definitive Web Seminar Ahead of the Manditory Date

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What You'll Learn

Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS) will come into force on June 12th, 2019. At a practical level, are you ready?  

Our web seminar has all the information you need to enable compliance at a practical level.  

In this web seminar, industry thought leader Robert Pedersen details how forwarders and carriers can rapidly comply ahead of this critical milestone date.

Key Focus Areas: 

  • The Goal of ACAS: Is there a fine structure?  
  • The History of ACAS: Lessons learned and best practices 
  • Practical Overview: How to quickly and easily onboard  
  • High Level Details and Deep Technical Dive: Topics for a broad range of participants 
  • The Global Perspective: The larger picture of security filing trends worldwide 
  • Using Technology: Leveraging electronic communications and a web-based portal for compliance 
  • And more

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