eBook: The eAWB for Forwarders

What You'll Learn

The eAWB is the future for freight forwarders and is helping businesses modernize and realize higher levels of efficiency. The initiative helps make operations Simpler, Faster & Better, which is critical in a fast-paced and competitive market. Register to download an interactive eBook to learn more.

Key Focus Areas

  • How forwarders are achieving meaningful results using the eAWB
  • The value of electronic data to enable added connectivity 
  •  Key forwarder questions answered and misconceptions addressed  
  • A comparison of a non-eAWB and an eAWB-enabled forwarder 
  • How the right eAWB solution can address the needs of large and small forwarders 
  • Questions to help forwarders review operations  
  • The Multilateral eAWB agreement as well as an interactive flow and analysis 

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Register to download the interactive eBook: The eAWB for Forwarders 

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